The Anti-Defamation League thanked Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a letter for stepping up swiftly to prevent the offensive motorcyclists’ rally from happening contemporarily with the Holocaust commemoration event on 21 April. Press release.

The nationalist motorcyclists’ association announced a rally under the slogan “Turn on the Gas”, timed to coincide with event organised by the March of the Living Foundation to commemorate victims of the Holocaust in Hungary, including over half a million Hungarian Jews.

The Hungarian Government had already expressed its deep condemnation of this act on Sunday, April 7 and declared it to be offensive and discreditable because it disturbs the remembrance and human dignity of the participants of the Holocaust commemoration march. Accordingly, on 8 April Prime Minister Viktor Orbán ordered Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér to ensure that on the day of the March of the Living, it would be impossible to organise events of a political nature that may violate the marchers’ human dignity.

The US civil organization ADL, which aims to stop anti-Semitism worldwide, praised the Hungarian Government for its quick action and immediate recognition of the problem, and thanked Viktor Orbán in particular for his remarks made at the National Assembly, which „conveyed to all the solemnity of the respectful commemoration of the Holocaust”.

(Prime Minister's Office)