The Gobelin-Hall of the Parliament housed the second session of the Hungarian Holocaust - 2014 Memorial Committee. The Committee discussed the initiatives forwarded to the Office of the Prime Minister from civil society, whose core was heritage protection, education and proposals that target the initiation of long-term societal processes.

The Memorial Year is an outstanding opportunity to strengthen the bilateral ties between Israel and Hungary – opined H.E. Ilan Mor, Ambassador of Israel to Hungary, who also pointed out the importance of accentuating responsibility. A number of participants called for the Memorial Year not to be limited to the reproduction and commemoration of the tragedy of the Holocaust, but that is should also provide opportunities to present the life and traditions of the Hungarian Jewry before and after the Holocaust. In consonance with this, Rabbi Slomó Köves articulated the goal that the Hungarian commemoration shall break with the viewpoint dividing society to sinners and victims, and that it shall emphasise the common losses suffered by the Hungarian nation.

By the side of members of the Committee, this time Douglas Davidson, Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues was also present in the session. According to him, by founding the Memorial Committee and through the commemorations of the Memorial Year 2014, Hungary gains an opportunity to convey to the international public its commitment to acknowledging its past. He added: the ability to learn from the past is the best insurance that the tragedy of the Holocaust should not happen again.