The Prime Minister’s Office has made public the document containing the name of applications that are proposed for support in relation to the Civil Fund-2014 tender programme, announced in the interest of enhancing societal activity and to raise awareness in society with respect to the aims of the Hungarian Holocaust Memorial Year.

The Government by Gov. Decree 1688/2013. (IX. 30.) established a 1,5 billion HUF tender programme with the aim of supporting civil and regional initiatives realised throughout the Hungarian Holocaust Memorial Year in 2014.

The goal of the initiative was to introduce the memorial year and its aims to society with the inclusion of Jewish communities and the civil sphere, to bolster facing our history and to incentivise societal activity.

The Cultural and Press Committee of the National Assembly – in accordance with the call for applications – has commented on and ranked the applications handed in by 15th November, 2013, and then gave the proposal set out in the annex to the State Secretary heading the Prime Minister’s Office.

(Prime Minister’s Office)