The government issued a decree on the establishment of the Child Victims of the Holocaust Memorial – European Education Centre.

As it can be read in the Tuesday edition of the Hungarian Official Journal Publisher, the Government regards the completion of the first phase of the Child Victims of the Holocaust Memorial – European Education Centre exceptionally important, in addition to the opening of the institution in the building of Józsefvárosi Railway Station until 15th April, 2014 in the Memorial Year commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust in Hungary. The Government calls upon the State Secretary heading the Prime Minister’s Office, the Minister for National Development and Government Commissioner for priority Budapest projects to take all necessary measures in order to realise these goals by the deadline.

Pursuant to the decree, the Hungarian State Holding Company (MNV Zrt.) realises the investment as a lessee investment within the framework of a long-term leasing contract to be concluded with the MÁV National Railway Company (MÁV Zrt.), the owner of Józsefvárosi Railway Station.

The Minister for National Economy shall provide 50 million forints for covering the costs of the preparatory work. Additionally, in accordance to the decree, the Minister is asked to provide – through MÁV Zrt. – for the evacuation of flats located on the grounds of Józsefváros Railway Station, as well as for executing certain parts of the preparatory work.